Gender based program aimed at enabling women to break the glass ceiling

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Gender based social conditioning is one of the most crippling factors that impact the success of women in the workplace today. Even the most educated of us face this from time to time and contributes to a woman’s experience of inequality in the workplace, be it asking for the right salaries or getting the promotion they deserve.


The norms and ideologies that we adopt from the society around us about education, employment, culture, religion, spirituality and family life is called social conditioning.


It helps us to socialize and feel a sense of belonging to a community.

The same social conditioning can also create conflict & come in the way of our success and growth at work.

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In order to create the desired behavioural shifts in women, we must go beyond the comfort zone into deeply embedded ideas of self, understand the invisible anchors that hold us back, and overcome them so one is truly free to pursue dreams and goals of our choosing.  


Career Vs Job
What are you here for?


Triggers & Barriers to success. What do want to focus on?


Defining goals, milestones and planning for them. 


Effective Communication
for max impact.


Social conditioning & Success at work.


Self Confidence
& giving yourself permission to show up.


& Prioritising
without guilt.



Accelerate learning from Role Models.


All the sessions have taught me a lot. Now I am looking at situations with a very different perspective. There are times when I get some negativity around me, but, now it takes hardly 5 minutes for me to come back to my original strength and start again.

Participant, Diageo

Thank you for making me feel proud of my small achievements.. for turning my “cannots” into “cans”, I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues.

 No more negative doubts about myself, no more looking back in tough situations
I have the power to deal with it.

Participant, Varthana