Behavioral coaching to enable women and managers to drive culture change, and create an equal opportunity environment.

Inclusion & diversity go hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other. Ensuring real culture change and impact on equality in the workplace takes focused and concerted effort. 
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To work and be successful at work, there are 2 prerequisites.
First being technical knowledge.
Second being life-skill.

Gender based social conditioning lays the foundation for our life skills at an early age. This is so deep, that it governs our actions without us being conscious about it.

Scratching below the surface

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Abanti Sankaranarayanan

Chief Strategy & Corporate Affairs Officer &
Executive Committee, DIAGEO INDIA

Soumya's insights are deep and true, relatable to every woman. She also has a refreshing take on how to embed inclusion into org culture.
I am sure this program can benefit both the individual and the organisation in a sustained way.


Chandra Kumar VS 
CHRO Varthana 

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Dr Sumita Datta

Adjunct Faculty. Head, Women Leadership Program
SP Jain Institute of Management and Research

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