The methodology ensures that learners ‘Know what’, ‘Know how’ and ‘Show how’ & 'Does' apply newly acquired knowledge and skills in their role.

Content approach and delivery of each program would be tailor made to best suit the audience and their natural approach to learning. 


Intimate Group Coaching 

Increasingly, group coaching is emerging as a effective way to work with people, both in personal and corporate environments as it combines the power of the coaching conversation along with the gift of group support.


Bridge between Training & Therapy

Be it high performing Women or Managers, the programs involve tools typically used in therapy to address and resolve issues that keep us stuck in our comfort zones. 

Exercises based on Neuro Linguistic Programing make it both personal and very relevant for the participants in their growth journey. 

Purposeful Practise

There are exercises planned after every session that strengthens the learning process. This, along with review and feedback mechanism that's inbuilt into each module, makes the overall program more practise than theory. 

Self Driven development plan

A structured template and leading questions will enable a

self driven development plan for each participant. Since the plan is owned completely by the individual, the commitment is 100%

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