Are both Genders equally Capable in the Workplace?

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

I know this is an explosive topic. And I'm a woman and a feminist. So hear me out!

There is absolutely no doubt that both genders have the same level of skills. But is skill the right measure of capability?

The challenge I'm throwing is that it isn't.

To work and be successful at work, there are 2 prerequisites. First being technical-skill. Second being life-skill.

As long as we are students, we work as individuals. The moment we start work, we need to work in teams. Whatever the nature of the company, it stops being a solo game and it starts being team effort. This is where life skill comes in. The skill to work with people is almost as important or sometimes more important than the knowledge of the work itself. (I'm fairly sure, no one will disagree with this one). This is where you see a big difference in both genders.

The way we interact with teams, the way we resolve difference, the way we compete, etc is what I'm calling life skills. And this comes from our upbringing. Our culture brings up girls and boys differently. Both grow up with different life skills.

Boys who are more likely to play sports are more competitive and learn how to work in teams, resolve issues, etc. Girls' focus, on the other hand, is largely on indoor individual activities while avoiding any kind of risk!

Girls are encouraged to learn music and dance, help out in kitchen, play in supervised and protected manner, etc completely different from their their male siblings. Girls are appreciated for 'good behaviour' whereas boys are pushed to 'compete. I can go on about these differences. This is what causes the gap in life skills at the workplace between the two genders. And till this gap is bridged, the inequality will remain.

The first step is acknowledging the gap. So we can find a solution for bridging the capability gap, and create an equal opportunity workplace

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