The rainbow outside the Comfort Zone

Updated: May 26, 2021

My baby decided that she didn't want to come out into the big bad world, and was comfortably nested in my womb way past her due date. It took unnatural means to bring her out. We all stay in our comfort zone because, well, its comfortable! It is also safe. And our reptilian brain, the Amygdala knows very well how to keep us that way.

Comfort zone for each person is different. Some of us take the same route to office everyday. I know someone who has only 2 colours of shirts in his wardrobe. Once we learn to do something in a certain way, it’s risky to try something else. So we just repeat it over and over again. Yes, this is very useful because it takes less effort. The habit that's formed sits in our subconscious mind and moves into auto pilot.

At some intellectual level, we also know that maximum growth comes to us outside the comfort zone. It is in this uncomfortable or perceived dangerous zone that innovation and breakthroughs happen.

This is true for every aspect of our lives, and it is also true for people development.

Today, organisations are committing to building Diverse and Inclusive teams. This itself is stepping outside the comfort zone. Coz, the world outside isn't inclusive. Historically, the corporate success formula does not include diversity. Still, this is a big progressive step that companies are making.

Now that we have bitten that big bullet, how do we make this happen? How do we push ourselves outside the standard practises and safe processes to make a real impact?

Hiring to a diversity goal is still easy, in comparison to creating an inclusive culture. Culture change ain't happening so easily, especially with the headwinds of the real world, which is pretty set in its ways.

We may have to dig deeper, to uproot the weeds of discrimination. We may have to change our methods of learning to build stronger capability. We may have to slice and dice to understand the problems and customise the solutions. The need of the house is to go zero based. Learning tools and methodologies need to step outside the comfort zone too! Read more about how we can build capability while stepping outside the comfort zone.

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