What does one do when you realise that gender bias keeps the workplace disadvantaged for women? How does one feel when invisible chains hold you back and age-old social norms dictate professional growth? When is it a right time to engage, decipher, decode, challenge the status quo with a courage that’s set
to refresh & reset mindsets? 

Professionally and personally, I have overcome some usual and sometimes unusual roadblocks in my personal life as I built my diverse corporate career. It’s but natural that I feel the connection with the challenges faced by women, including working mothers,
in leading happy lives and building successful careers. 

My transition starts from a senior leader and consumer marketer
with over two decades of corporate experience across marketing and innovation. I bring together consumer insights and
sophisticated development tools to coach women & leaders
into creating their own destiny through my trademark
Leadership Development Unconditioning Programs. 

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How can you be strong enough to bear the pain,
But not strong enough
to walk away?

I share my personal journey of breaking out
of a toxic environment and rebuilding my life
in a true-life first person account book.
This sheds light on my context, my learnings
and has a direct bearing on my commitment
to work with women, and the approach I have taken.
Coming soon...